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Surprising History You Discover at a Cemetery - Lakeview Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio

What do the world's first billionaire, a major league baseball player, a US President, and a famous FBI agent have in common?

History and Rock and Roll: visiting Bret Michaels' Hometown

We talk about visiting Bret Michaels hometown of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania...and find out there's some solid history to be discovered!

The Lincoln Assassination Facts You Never Knew

We got the opportunity to walk ALL the locations of the President Lincoln Assassination...one of our favorite videos to make!

Night of the Living Dead - Visiting and Filming the Cemetery Where it All Happened

We visited the cemetery where The Night of The Living Dead was filmed...and learned a lot....

The most famous person you have never heard of - Dan Rice

Dan Rice is considered to be the father of political commentary...but why haven't you heard of him?

Lucille Ball - Her life, hometown, and the museum everyone should visit

We got to visit the hometown of Lucille Ball, Jamestown, New York! Learning about Lucille Ball and her amazing life story was such a treat and we bet there are some facts that you didn't know about her...right here in this week's podcast!

Jimmy Stewart - Visiting his hometown and the Jimmy Stewart Museum

We got the chance to visit Jimmy Stewart's hometown in Indiana, Pennsylvania as well as record the amazing Jimmy Stewart Museum.

Bob Hope - Married to two women at the same time...and our Family ties

Bob Hope was a larger than life character...who was actually married (twice?) in Erie, Pennsylvania. Our home town for 2 years...

How should controversial historical figures be taught?

The context and controversy surrounding Nathan Bedford Forrest, his statue's removal from Memphis, Tennessee, and a historian's perspective.

A History Based YouTube Journey and Introduction to Talk With History

Hello world! For the launch of the Talk With History podcast we talk about who we are, what this podcast is about, and why a Historian’s journey through YouTube is so interesting.

What is the Talk With History podcast?

Here is what you can expect from the Talk With History podcast!